Friday, February 11, 2011

Black Cat Enchantment and Forging Ahead...


I'm back already with new work.:) Not that I haven't fallen off the wagon once or twice with computer time, but all in all, I'm really working at the balance thing (see previous post).

Although I must admit it's easy to stay focused when I'm completely immersed in a piece, as I was with this one. There's something truly mystical and enchanting about black cats - like magic is afoot when I paint them...

This one is listed on eBay now. :)

On the home front, those of you who've been reading here awhile know about John's recent (and not so recent) health challenges. The short version is that after two major heart surgeries, and a successful recovery, his lymphoma is out of remission again, and he's now facing two rounds of radiation, which will begin in a couple of weeks.

The doctors tell us chances at a full remission are good, although they can't say for how long - but it's slow progressing, which is good, and we'll take what we can get. We're optimistic, and determined to take it one day at a time, but also realize our lives are about to change pretty drastically. For my own part, I'll be maintaining a full painting schedule, taking care of John, the pets and the house, running the errands, doing shipping, and hopefully some of the driving into the city (we're still working on housing and transportation).

So I want to apologize in advance if I'm slow at returning emails and facebook messages, and I ask that at least during this time, everyone refrain from sending me forwards and such. I just don't have time to manage and delete them all - hope you understand. I'll also be limiting shipping runs to twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and positive thoughts, and most especially for your understanding when correspondence and commissions run a bit late. I'm doing my best to keep up, and I will get to it, I promise. :)

John and I are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family, and I know we'll get through this. Much love to all of you!

♥ Carolee


Anonymous said...

Carolee, I think your black cats are my favorite subject for you to paint! I just love this one. Wishes for good health for both you and John, and a happy Valentines Day!
♥, Susan

Kate Sterling said...

Oh, my. I'm sending positive thoughts & prayers for you and your family.

And I love the dragonflies in this one! :)

Linda said...

Beautiful work, sending a little prayer.Linda♥x

Melinda said...

wow another gorgeous piece of work! I hope I can get something you create one day off ebay or etsy or somehow! The colors are amazing here!