Monday, March 7, 2011

♥ Kindred Spirits ♥

When Courtney was little, one of her favorite books was Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables" (and others in the series as well). It was one of my favorites too, and I remember many nights curled up in the big living room chair, reading a chapter before bedtime.

Those who've read it may remember Anne's description of her best friend, Diane Barry, as a "kindred spirit". I've always loved that phrase, as I think it describes the ideal friendship; someone whose spirit is connected to ours; someone on the same plane, someone who "gets" us.

If we're lucky, we have one or two of those friends in real life (I do), and if we're luckier still, we've met even more through the web; through social media, through groups and forums, through simply selling and collecting art.

And may I take a moment right here to say what a blessing it is to connect with like minded individuals all over the world. For those of us who work at home, and spend most of our days in solitude, that connection can be like finding water in the desert - and never more than when we're facing challenges or feeling a bit disconnected.

I have about 4400 facebook "friends". Now, I know - most of these people are not in fact "friends", but rather internet acquaintances.

But there are a few who've crossed that bridge, those I truly consider friends. We may never have met in person, but we know we are kindred spirits. Like Anne and Diane, we're there for each other, laughing at the same jokes, cheering each other on, offering support and encouragement, and know we'll always remain friends. Sometimes we get to meet in person (always fun!) and sometimes not...but the friendship remains.

So to my friends, internet and otherwise, I love you. And I thank you for the smiles and support, the kind words, and the inspiration to keep pursuing this artful life. :)

How about you?
Have you found "kindred spirits" here on the web?

♥ Carolee


Heathen said...

This is beautifully put. And yes, I have met quite a few "kindred spirits" here in blog-land. It's amazing the people you meet and truly feel you can call friends.

Lee said...

You do have a way with words...just as you have a way with your wonderful paintings. I think I must copy this blog entry and send it to a kindred spirit whom I met in college over forty years ago and now have a daily relationship with online. Funny how close you can be with someone far away yet close in spirit. It is a blessing!