Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of Summer Bliss and Sew Many Blessings

Has it really been over a week since I've popped my head in here?? I'll blame a crazy-busy schedule, some long overdue commissions, and a very warm summer - which has been beckoning me to spend a bit of time in the kitchen, finding new and creative meals which do NOT involve heating up the oven. ;)

I know many of you are in the same boat, especially in this latest heat wave, so if you have any nutritious and cool summer recipes to share, please do! My entire culinary repertoire of late has been smoothies and salads, hehe. More on that in a minute.

First, I want to share the latest commissions - the first a large sewing chest similar to an angel chest painted this past winter. This one is mice in shades of blue...

I had almost as much fun choosing the embellishments for the top as I did with the painting.

Another one of these sewing mice chests is in progress too (in a different palette) and will be up for grabs on Etsy very soon - hopefully along with a few prints, which are expected to arrive any day now!

Here's a sample of a limited edition print which will be available soon in an 8" x 10"...

I may need to keep one of these for myself. ;)

Then there's this teapot - sooooooo much fun! If you're wondering about the "Zzzzzz", it's because this piece is being sent to another artist, who will add a sleeping dormouse soft sculpture. How adorable is that?!

Work is also in progress for the upcoming Ghoultide Gathering, and excitement is building! I'll be posing more about this fabulous event very soon!

Finally, I have to share that a collector is offering a couple of pieces of my early work on eBay with a very low opening bid. These are tea trays painted around 2005, and you can find them by clicking here.

Now, back to *summer*! Lots of sunlight in the studio, and plenty of cookouts and casual get-togethers with friends; good company, good food, good wine, good music (well, OK, cheapish wine, but still not bad, hehe). Bliss. :)

Now about those recipe ideas. Please do share, and I'll share one with you too. This smoothie recipe has become a bit of a morning ritual for me, and is soooooo healthy (yes, I've turned over a new leaf - no more cakes and cookies from breakfast, hehe)...If you try it, do let me know what you think. The recipe is kind of vague, because I never measure...

Summer Smoothie

A cup or so of frozen fruit (tropical blend, mixed berries, etc)

A couple of good spoonfuls organic, lowfat or fat free vanilla yogurt (I use Stoneyfield Farms)

A combination almond, soy or 2% milk (I use vanilla almond milk) and fruit juice (cranberry, a tropical blend, etc) - enough to barely cover the fruit and yogurt in the blender

A few shakes of cinnamon

A tiny drizzle of vanilla extract

A tablespoon of honey

Blend until smooth, and enjoy!

That's about it for now. I'll be back very soon with that new sewing chest and details about the prints.

Until then, have a happy and *creative* week!

♥ Carolee


maddyrose said...

I love the sewing box. It's really something.
I've got something that's not quite a recipe but is simple and there's not cooking and it's so good.
The last time I visited my sister we made wraps every night. We just piled vegies and cheese and dressings and sunflower seeds plus deli meats or hummus on an organic flat bread and rolled it up. We made different ones every night and they were very satisfing and yummy. Give them a try.

niina said...

That mice- sewing chest is so pretty. Reminds me of old children book illustrations from my childhood.

- Summerblessings to you

Deb said...

Your work is so wonderful! It makes me want to begin painting again. Something I haven't done in a long time. I'm going to start again. You've inspired me!