Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sooooo excited here!! (as evidenced by two blog posts in one day, hehe!)

After literally years of hemming and hawing and waffling back and forth, I finally got decisive and came up with what I hope is a solution for those who've emailed saying they love my work, but just can't swing an original.

I'm thrilled to report that as of just a few minutes ago, ten different prints are now available in my Etsy shop!

There are only a few of each (anywhere from two to six I think), so if you'd like one, please do snap it up. As I become more familiar with the printing and ordering process, I hope to offer more variety in terms of giclees and canvas prints as well, but for now, I wanted to keep the cost reasonable.

Thanks so much to everyone who's nudged me in this direction over the years. I think this will be a "good thing", as Martha would say. ;)

Back again very soon!

♥ Carolee


Heathen said...

Very, very cool. I'm headed over now to see what you've put up!

Johanna Parker said...

This is very exciting Carolee!.... What a great way to share your whimsical work with more fellow fans! I hope the Etsy venture works well for you too. Keep me posted. Maybe I'll jump in one of these days.

~ Johanna