Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bumps in the Road

Despite the best plans, sometime life sends us little detours.....

Deciding to run a couple of quick errands yesterday before putting the finishing touches on a very special commission, I set out in the little black Beetle. My first stop was the bank, where I had to deposit a couple of checks and get some Starbucks cash (I know, I know, they're taking over the world, but those caramel macchiatos are to die for!)

So I'm sitting there waiting for the teller to send back that little tube thingy, and the guy behind me gets out of his car and says "Ummmmm, did you know your tire was flat?"

Me: "Eeeeeek!! Nooooo, I didn't, but THANK YOU!".....Now I must admit this isn't the first time this has happened (driving around on a flat I didn't notice). John says it's because "off kilter" is just a normal state of affairs for me. ;)

At any rate, John was at home, only about a mile away, and probably could have walked over and changed the tire for me, but since he's still recovering from heart surgery, and we DO have roadside assistance, I called them. They finally showed up about an hour later and put the spare on. Turns out there was a very large staple stuck in between the treads. Whether we ran over it, or one of the local vandals got ahold of a staple gun, we'll never know. At any rate, not wanting to drive around all day on the spare, I called our mechanic, pleaded desperation, and he agreed to squeeze me into their already tight schedule. I grabbed a quick coffee and flew over there, where they repaired the damaged tire and put it back on. All fixed, except of course for my schedule, which was now several hours OFF, sigh.....

Sooooooo....back home to do a bunch of shipping, out to run those errands (which included an insanely long line at the post office) another quick stop at the supermarket, and by the time we got home it was dinnertime. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that....

The upshot of all this is I'll be putting the finishing touches on that commission today (with a brief break for yet another doctor's appointment mid day) and will share the results tomorrow. :)

The eBay page and Etsy store are both echoing again, but I hope to have new work listed on both sites in a day or two, so stay tuned (One more overdue commission I'm working on too!)

In the meantime, I'm off to make a pot of tea, light a candle, put some Joni Mitchell in the CD player and face the day.....Wishing everyone a happy and productive Wednesday, with as few detours as possible. ;)

~ Carolee


Designs by CK said...

Life is always an adventure!

Good luck getting caught up Carolee!

Chris :-)

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh Dear, well have a Fun and safe 4th of July!
Sandra Evertson

Johanna Parker said...

I thought you were going to say that you had a fender-bender, so a flat sounds much better! Glad you're ok and all is well :) Good luck catching up... I feel like that's what I'm always doing.....ha!

~ Johanna


Hi Carolee, glad it was only a flat too.

Remember under all that manure is a pony, I think. LOL...

JK Rowling's story is so inspirational. It really makes one understand that they should never give up their dreams.

I'm looking forward to getting my Black Cat Fantasy Art Book on track without anymore glitches too!

Have A Safe & Happy 4th Of July!

Sparkling Blessings With XOXOs,

vintagepaletteart said...

There's that black bug/beetle! It is SO darn cute Carolee!!!!!!

=D *Lori