Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since today is the first day of my 50th year on the planet (yep - I'm 49!) I decided to treat myself, hehe.....a breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and tea with tupelo honey. Does it get any better than that?

And isn't this a great mug?! It was a gift from a favorite collector, and such a surprise to receive it in the mail the other day (thanks, Eva!) The beautiful card you see in the background is from my friend Magdalena in Copenhagen - another fun surprise!

Tonight we're going out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, just a small gathering; John and myself, my friend Jen of Gypsy Mare Studios, her husband Kevin and adorable daughter Zoe - should be lots of fun, and a nice break, as this is still a work day for me (no rest for the wicked, hehe). ;)

There's a new tea tray listed on eBay today - I'm in love with the vibrant sunset colors on this one:

Etsy work still looms - can't seem to keep things listed for more than a day - "a good thing", as Martha would say, but keeps me scrambling...look for new work to appear there today or tomorrow. :)

I've also been having great fun buying hand spun yarns on Etsy (for knitting Christmas gifts, but also a birthday gift to myself), and have to share one of my favorite local sellers, Rachel-Marie, a.k.a. knittydirtygirl....YUMMY hand spun and hand dyed yarns for all you knitters - check her out!

That's about it for now. I'm off to finish my tea and cookies, knit a few rows on a winter scarf-in-progress, check out the latest issue of Artful Blogging (which includes a five page spread on fellow EHAG, AHAO and PFATT artist Melissa Valeriotte) and Art Doll Quarterly (which includes a photo of felow PFATT artist Robin's latest Witch doll) - then light a candle, put some tunes in the CD player and get to work......

Wishing everyone a happy and CREATIVE Wednesday!

~ tHe BiRThDaY GiRl :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Designs by CK said...

Happy Happy Birthday Carolee!

Love the new tray & enjoy your YUMMY Mexican dinner tonight!!! :)

PS: I was going to send you an Apple iCard but they are no longer available. :(

ANYWHO have a GREAT one!!!


Gypsy Lace said...

Hi Carolee,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Love the tray!

Gypsy Lace

thegothamcloset said...

Hi, carolee



Laurie Hardin said...

I hope you had a great birthday and had a margarita last night with that wonderful Mexican meal! Painting today so need to get back to work!!! Love the cupcake!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

p.s. this is spooky: my birthday is july 20. :)