Friday, July 25, 2008


.....As in "crafts and activism". Creating for a better world. I've been reading a lot about it lately, hearing these buzzwords, and apparently "handmade" and "DIY" are an idea whose time has come.....

The current movement (and one need only search Etsy to see it is indeed a movement) toward creativity, individualism and community rather than mass marketing, materialism and consumer culture is certainly cause for rejoicing - and especially exciting for those of us who've been practicing this lifestyle for more years than we care to admit; we've always knitted and crocheted, sewn our children's clothes, cooked and baked from scratch, painted, sculpted, made jewelry and accessories, accented our homes with hand made items and lived what they're now calling a "hand made life" - sometimes for pleasure, sometimes out of economic necessity, and sometimes because we saw value in supporting our local community rather than nameless, faceless, multi-national corporations. We made things. They just have a catchy name for it now. :)

What's exciting to me is seeing the level to which a new generation is committing to this "hand made life"....making and purchasing artisan made items rather than machine made items, seeing value in not only the object, but the love and care that went into it's creation, and treasuring what they find beautiful and unique, rather than following the herd toward overpriced items with designer labels. It's encouraging. It gives me hope.

In that spirit, I'd like to offer thanks to the collectors and buyers of original art out there - young and old - who value our work. And lest I get comments about artists vs. artisans vs. crafters, let me be clear - I do consider myself an artist. But I paint on functional items, I knit, and I sew - so the craft factor is also there, even if I'm reluctant to call it that. Whatever you call it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing value in my creations, and for enabling me to live this artist's life. Shakey as the finances can be at times (chicken one day and feathers the next, my Grandfather used to say, hehe), it's still the best "job" in the world, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So thanks for buying hand made. You're making a difference. :)

Artful Blessings,
~ Carolee


thegothamcloset said...

Hello, Carolee

Its a pleasure buying your art and others handmade artwork. I thank you for creating your one of kind work of arts! You got me hooked!!(lol)


Laurie Hardin said...

So beautifully written Carolee. You just put into words what so many of us feel about our work and the people who support and purchase what we create. BRAVO!!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

being a supporter of the arts for as long as I can remember, I could not agree with you more. I only wish that the schools would try to educate and influence the artists of tomorrow to be more at ease with their art. I wrote a post about creativity last week, and in it I said..."It is the nature of original thought that inspires art and the desire to be true to oneself that inspires creativity." I recognized you through your art to be the free spirit and excellent artist that you are. I applaud you for making your living in such a personal way. Susan