Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Tis now the very witching time of night..."

Just have to share this one, listing tonight on eBay for three days. It's one of very few clocks I'll be painting this season, the few others most likely going with me to the Ghoultide Gathering in October. Tomorrow will find me painting a commission, and I hope to have something listed on Etsy by Wednesday or Thursday. :)

With July comes the offical Halloween countdown, which also means the usual panic as I try to divide my time between eBay, commission work and preparing for the show. I seriously need some elves - housecleaning and basecoating elves to be exact, and emailing elves might not be a bad idea either, hehe....Anyone know where I can find some of those?

On the home front, John returns to work tomorrow after an unexpectedly long recovery from February's heart surgery. It will be an adjustment again - I've become accustomed to having him around during the day, and also accustomed to the extra help; it's nice to have an extra pair of hands for dog walking, dish washing, errands, and so on. It's also been nice to have the car at my disposal, but tomorrow it's back to being grounded - which may not be a bad thing, given the amount of work I need to produce in the coming months....Wish me luck!

Right now I'm off to scare up a very late dinner. Or maybe breakfast for dinner. Omelettes....Mmmmm. :)

Back again soon with more Halloween goodies to share.....

~ Carolee


Velvet Moon Bathery said...

WOW!Your clocks always amaze me !! Goultide Gathering around the corner my goodness .. exciting !! Yes Halloween too ..count down is underway !! I noticed Micheals has their Halloween and Fall items out already. I saw a lot of pretties this weekend ..but no basecoating elves.. sorry I will keep and eye out though ;) Have a great and productive week Carolee !!

Random York said...

This is a work of art Carolee! I hopeyou have a great week!- John

Liz Revit said...

Hi, Carolee. Thanks for the kind comments on my artwork. I'm glad you stopped by since it gave me a chance to see your wonderful artwork. Your work is amazing!

I see you're also from Pennsylvania. Ephrata is a lovely town.

All the best,


janell berryman artist-owner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Carolee! Love yours too. Love love love your work, that's a given. Also love that car of yours! wheeeee!

Designs by CK said...



Jennifer said...

Super clock Carolee!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Carolee~
Another beautiful piece and I love your cat piece. I'm sure it's going to be strange not to have the hubby around so much. Glad to hear that he's better and able to work. Can't wait to see all of your goodies at Ghoultide!


Laurie Hardin said...

Another beauty Carolee. Elves?...if you find any let me know as I am running into the same problem but I don't think my calendar sounds nearly as tight as yours!! Happy creating!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Carolee, you never cease to amaze me!
Damn, I wish I could paint like you... thinking I could use an elf or two too to do just that.

p.s. sorry I missed your call :(


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Wished I could help you with the elves, as I've been searching for the little helpers as well.
It is great to hear that John has recovered. I'm sure you will miss him through the day :(
Your work is beautiful and I wish you all the engery to complete the goals for the upcoming show! I would love to be there to see all your fabulous goodies!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Luck! And happy creating. ;)
I'm so glad to read that your husband is returning to his regular activities.

Blessings to you both.


Sandi Van Winkle said...

Hi Carolee - Love your work! And your musings. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and also my wedding anniversary. Yup. Full costume wedding! I too am feeling the countdown to Halloween since we'll be hosting our annual masquerade anniversary party. Just cruising around the web and lucked into your sites and your fabulous blog. I would love to link to your blog from mine. Hope that is okay. I am also an artist.
Best Wicked Wishes -

suzanne.artist said...

Thanks Carolee for the kind remarks on my sketches, as with Jen, let's post some sketches and post on our respective blogs in the future!


Melissa Valeriote said...

Magnificent Carolee!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hey Carolee, not that you've got spare time for a weblog award, but I'm passing one on to you anyway.
Please see my blog for details.

:) Lori

Black-Eyed Suzie said...

I LOVE this!!! It looks like where I'd like to be...Have you seen the work of Kit Williams? He does amazing children's books - the more stunning illustrations. You can see some of his work here, though the pictures are kind of small: