Thursday, July 24, 2008

EBay Auction and Etsy Sale

It's that time of year....the ideas are coming faster than I can write them all down, nevermind PAINT them all, hehe. :)

The latest eBay listing is shown above - a whimsical wooden train, tons of detail (very labor intensive this one, but such FUN!) I have it listed for five days, ending Monday evening.

Over on Etsy, I have three new items, priced a bit less than they'd typically sell on eBay. I'm trying to keep the Etsy prices reasonable for the time being, as it's a fairly new endeavor.

The first item is an original painting on wood, another homage to magical black cats. I love the shape of these plaques, very whimsical and they always make for an interesting composition. The dragonfly has a bit of glitter paint on her wings too. :)

The other Etsy offerings are tiny trinket boxes. One with a crow/raven theme and one with a "wicked" witch theme. Fun little gift ideas, perfect for a dressing table or desktop....

Ebay and Etsy listings accomplished, I'm turning my attention this week to the Ghoultide Gathering show and a couple of pending commissions. Sooooooooo much to do for the show, and again, the ideas are spinning around in my head faster than I can begin to paint them all! I also hope to get a summer newsletter out sometime next week, and begin work on the first King of Mice Studios doll. No rest for the wicked, hehe....

Until next time, wishing everyone a happy and CREATIVE week!!

~ Carolee


Melissa said...

I'm running out of adjectives for your work. Where can I buy a ticket to ride that train? How magical! Gods speed on all your endeavors. I can sooo relate to the head spinning. Back to work!

Kitty said...

Oh Carolee, words cannot even describe how much I LOVE this piece! I would kill to have it on my mantle! How fun.. hope it brings you bazillions :~).

Thank you for your well-wishes, my birthday could not possibly have been nicer.

Welcome to the PFATTIE group! You will truly enjoy our gals, it is a big wonderful family. So let your hair down, and have a pometini!

xoxo Kitty

Jennifer said...

Love the new work!!

Designs by CK said...

LOVE IT!!! :)


sheila said...

Great new pieces!!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

The kitty is wonderful Carolee but that train is very magical as Melissa said! Great Job!!